Ivan Girotto

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The following report outlines work undertaken for PRACE-2IP. The report will outline the computational methods used to examine petascaling of OpenFOAM on the French Tier-0 system CURIE. The case study used has been provided by the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG). The profiling techniques utilised to uncover bottlenecks, specifically in(More)
A large number of computational scientific research projects make use of open source software packages. However, the development process of such tools frequently differs from conventional software development; partly because of the nature of research, where the problems being addressed are not always fully understood; partly because the majority of the(More)
INTRODUCTION Recently, the computer industry has moved en masse to parallel architectures. Computing technologies are commonly based on multi-and many-core systems with tens to hundreds of concurrent hardware processing elements on workstations up to many thousands per data servers or super-computer node. This powerful computing capacity represents an(More)
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