Ivan Ermilov

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The Web of Data has grown enormously over the last years. Currently, it comprises a large compendium of interlinked and distributed datasets from multiple domains. The abundance of datasets has motivated considerable work for developing SPARQL query federation systems, the dedicated means to access data distributed over the Web of Data. However, the(More)
This demo presents LODStats, a web application for collection and exploration of the Linked Open Data statistics. LODStats consists of two parts: the core collects statistics about the LOD cloud and publishes it on the LODStats web portal, a front-end for exploration of dataset statistics. Statistics are published both in human-readable and machine-readable(More)
Presentations play a crucial role in knowledge management within organizations, in particular to facilitate organizational learning and innovation. Much of the corporate strategy, direction and accumulated knowledge within organizations is encapsulated in presentations. In this paper, we investigate the limitations of current presentation tools for(More)
The constantly growing amount of Linked Open Data (LOD) datasets constitutes the need for rich metadata descriptions, enabling users to discover, understand and process the available data. This metadata is often created, maintained and stored in diverse data repositories featuring disparate data models that are often unable to provide the metadata necessary(More)
Over the past years, the size of the Data Web has increased significantly, which makes obtaining general insights into its growth and structure both more challenging and more desirable. The lack of such insights hinders important data management tasks such as quality, privacy and coverage analysis. In this paper, we present the LODStats dataset, which(More)
The extraction and maintenance of Linked Data datasets is a cumbersome, time-consuming and resource-intensive activity. The cost for producing Linked Data can be reduced by a workflow management system, which describes plans to systematically support the lifecycle of RDF datasets. We present the LODFlow Linked Data Workflow Management System, which provides(More)
While the amount of data on the Web grows at 57 % per year, the Web of Science maintains a considerable amount of inertia, as yearly growth varies between 1.6 % and 14 %. On the other hand, the Web of Science consists of high quality information created and reviewed by the international community of researchers. While it is a complicated process to switch(More)
The management and analysis of large-scale datasets – described with the term Big Data – involves the three classic dimensions volume, velocity and variety. While the former two are well supported by a plethora of software components, the variety dimension is still rather neglected. We present the BDE platform – an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use and adaptable(More)