Ivan E. Sutherland

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The fundamental idea behind the three-dimensional display is to present the user with a perspective image which changes as he moves. The retinal image of the real objects which we see is, after all, only two-dimensional. Thus if we can place suitable two-dimensional images on the observer's retinas, we can create the illusion that he is seeing a(More)
The G a s p family of asynchronous circuits provides controls f o r simple pipelines, fo r branching and joining pipelines, f o r round-robin scatter and gathel; f o r datadependent scatter and gathel; and for join on demand through arbitration. The family is designed so that each stage operates at the speed of a three-inverter ring oscillator: Test chips(More)
The growing popularity of Global Positioning Systems and other location-based telecommunications service provision provide a further potential source of data for the forensic investigator. Network- or device located information may have evidential value in supporting a case by providing details or proof of visited locations, navigation through particular(More)
A new family of clipping algorithms is described. These algorithms are able to clip polygons against irregular convex plane-faced volumes in three dimensions, removing the parts of the polygon which lie outside the volume. In two dimensions the algorithms permit clipping against irregular convex windows. Polygons to be clipped are represented as an ordered(More)
An auction method is described for allocating computer time that allows the price of computer time to fluctuate with the demand and the relative priority of users to be controlled so that more important projects get better access. This auction is free of the periodic fluctuation in computer use often associated with monthly schemes.
A wide assortment of carry propagate adders offer varying areadelay tradeoff% Wiring and choice of circuit family also afiect the size and performance. This paper uses the method of Logical Effoort to characterize the effects of architecture, circuit family, and wire capacitance on adder delay. Domino logic offers about a 30% speedup on most valency-2(More)
I. I N T R O D U C T I O N I1 BACKGROUND The Environment Ob3ect Deser~ptwns Enwronment Complexity Defin~twns The Perspective Transformat ion Geometric Computa t ions Minimax Tests Surrounding Polygons Uses of Plane Equatwns Computing the Plane Equation Edge Intersectwns Segment Comparison Sort ing Coherence I I I TAXONOMY OF T H E ALGORITHMS Object-Space(More)