Ivan E. Lazarev

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Frequency-temporal electroencephalogram (EEG) reactions to hypogravity were studied in 7 male subjects at the age of 20 to 27 years. The experiment was conducted using dry immersion (DI) as the best known method of simulating the space microgravity effects on the Earth. This hypogravity model reproduces hypokinesia, i.e. the weight-bearing and mechanic load(More)
AIM Determination of the importance of serum cytokines (sCD30, sIL-2R, IL-10, IL-6) for diagnosis, response to chemotherapy and remission in patients with lymphogranulomatosis and lymphosarcoma. MATERIAL AND METHODS Cytokine concentrations were measured in 87 samples of serum (plasma) from 54 patients by ELISA. Diagnosis of Hodgkin's disease (HD) and(More)
Characteristics of saccades and parameters of slow presaccadic potentials were studied in 12 volunteers, including seven subjects with a leading right eye (the RE group) and five subjects with a leading left eye (the LE group) before and on the sixth day of dry immersion. For visual stimulation, three light-emitting diodes were used; one of them was located(More)
The present study examined the structure of interrelations between brain event-related potentials and behavioral measures and temperament dimensions during an attention task. Three temperament questionnaires were used: Eysenck Personality Inventory, Strelau Temperament Inventory, and Rusalov Structure of Temperament Questionnaire. Event-related potentials(More)
Prepulse modification of acoustic startle reaction (ASR) was studied in patients with schizophrenia and healthy controls according to the protocol recommended by the Consortium on the genetics of schizophrenia. Patients displayed the reduced ASR magnitude of prepulse inhibition (PPI) and increased startle latency prepulse facilitation (PPF) at 60 ms lead(More)
The characteristics of prepulse inhibition (PPI) and prepulse facilitation (PPF)of the acoustic startle reaction (ASR) were studied in healthy subjects and patients with schizophrenia. Testing was performed in accordance with the recommendations of the International Schizophrenia Genetics Consortium. Patients showed a deficit in PPI with a prepulse interval(More)
In order to study spontaneous attentional lapses the experimental task was used that created a moderately high attentional load and involved response choice based on stimulus feature conjunction. The participant's average correct response rate was 85.1%; they made errors in 9.6% trials and response omissions in 5.4% trials. Peak N1 of the evoked potential(More)
Characteristics of saccades and presaccadic slow potentials were studied in 36 right-handed men with right (the RE group) and left (the LE group) eye dominance. Three light-emitting diodes located in the center of the visual field (the central fixation stimulus, CFS) and 10 deg to the left and to the right of the center (peripheral stimuli, PSs) were used(More)
Current understanding of feature binding remains controversial. Studies involving mismatch negativity (MMN) measurement show a low level of binding, whereas behavioral experiments suggest a higher level. We examined the possibility that the two levels of feature binding coexist and may be shown within one experiment. The electroencephalogram was recorded(More)
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