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Description:-The first book on optical OFDM by the leading pioneers in the field-The only book to cover error correction codes for optical OFDM-Gives applications of OFDM to free-space communications, optical access networks, and metro and log haul transports show optical OFDM can be implemented-Contains introductions to signal processing for optical(More)
The rise in practical Virtual Organisations (VOs) requires secure access to data and interactions between their partners. Ad hoc solutions to meet these requirements are possible, but Web services hold out the potential for generic security solutions whose cost can be spread across several short lived dynamic VOs. This paper identifies trust and security(More)
In this paper we describe the demonstration of selected security & contract management capabilities of an early prototype infrastructure enabling dynamic Virtual Organisations for the purpose of providing virtualised services and resources that can be offered on-demand, following a utility computing model, and integrated into aggregated services whose(More)
In this paper we sketch a framework supporting contract enactment within the context of virtual organisation units that are dynamically created in order to achieve a common objective by securely sharing resources, services and information. The framework is built on top of a joint extension of the policy deployment architecture for peer-to-peer communities(More)
—In this work, we use a new approach to model pulse energy in long-haul optical fiber transmission systems. Existing approaches for obtaining probability density functions (pdfs) rely on numerical simulations or analytical approximations. Numerical simulations make far tails of the pdfs difficult to obtain, while analytical approximations are often(More)
Extended Abstract The Internet provides a ubiquitous, standards-based substrate for global communications of all kinds. Rapid advances are now being made in agreeing protocols and machine-processible message/document formats that will soon enable open application-application communication and brings about the prospect of ad hoc integration of systems across(More)
The work presented in this paper describes an architecture for a secure Virtual Organization Management framework. This work is taking place in the BEinGRID EU project, which aims to advance the take up of Grid technologies in the business domain by conducting a number of business experiments and in parallel producing a number of components.
Security enforcement framework is an important aspect of any distributed system. With new requirements imposed by SOA-based business models, adaptive security enforcement on the application level becomes even more important. Our work on the enforcement framework to date has resulted in a comprehensive middleware-based solution leveraging on Web services(More)