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In 3 patients with absent pulmonary valve syndrome and absent ductus arteriosus, the lungs were injected and analyzed postmortem using morphometric techniques. Two patients had tetralogy of Fallot and 1 had D-transposition of the great arteries, the latter being the first autopsy-proved case of absent pulmonary valve with transposition. In addition to the(More)
BACKGROUND Benign stenoses of main respiratory pathways develop usually in patients after intubation or tracheostomy. Incidence of such states is not known, they are frequently diagnosed too late, and there are different views of their treatment. In order to contribute to the improvement of our knowledge of this serious impairment we followed prospectively(More)
An essentially single focus of left ventricular chordal insertion was found in 23 of 164 autopsied cases of common atrioventricular canal (CAVC) with a normally formed spleen (14%). Suture closure of the cleft of the mitral valve in such cases results in the surgical creation of parachute mitral valve, often with fatal iatrogenic mitral stenosis. In such(More)
A controlled study was undertaken to quantitate and compare the amount of accumulated pericardial fluid causing acute pericardial tamponade in animals with or without an intact pulmonary valve. In 13 mongrel dogs, acute pericardial tamponade was induced by gradual loading of the pericardial cavity with fluid (mean 21.3 cc/m2). In 10 dogs (Group A) the(More)