Ivan D Doichinov

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We present a case of a 35-year-old man who committed a suicide by unusual manner of hanging. The man positioned his neck between two branches of a cherry tree which were V-shaped. The dead body hung on the tree with the feet 50 cm off the ground. The external examination showed strangulation grooves on both sides of the neck with skin abrasion caused by the(More)
We report three unusual and atypical cases of firearm-fatalities. Two of the victims had two gunshot wounds. The two gunshot wounds were in the head in one of the cases and in the chest in the other. The third case was a suicide with a gunshot wound in the back of the neck. It is a very rare case in forensic practice to have more than one gunshot wounds in(More)
This is rare case of complete decapitation involving a 20-year-old motorcyclist. The motorcyclist sustained a heavy blow in the region of the neck against the right-side edge of a car compartment which resulted in his complete decapitation. The head of the motorcyclist was 37.5 m away from the car in the direction of the motorcycle movement. The collision(More)
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