Ivan D. A. Johnston

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Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) elastomers are extensively used for soft lithographic replication of microstructures in microfluidic and micro-engineering applications. Elastomeric microstructures are commonly required to fulfil an explicit mechanical role and accordingly their mechanical properties can critically affect device performance. The mechanical(More)
This paper reports techniques for the isolation and long term preservation of pancreatic islets from the mouse, rat and guinea pig. Islets have been isolated using a modification of a free hand microdissection procedure described by Hellerström in 1964 [1]. Isolated islets have been subjected to three preservation systems and their viability following(More)
A novel instrument has been developed to study the microrheology of erythrocytes as they flow through channels of dimensions similar to human blood capillaries. The channels are produced in silicon substrates using microengineering technology. Accurately defined, physiological driving pressures and temperatures are employed whilst precise, real-time image(More)
Rapid, selective particle separation and concentration within the bacterial size range (1–3 lm) in clinical or environmental samples promises significant improvements in detection of pathogenic microorganisms in areas including diagnostics and bio-defence. It has been proposed that microfluidic Dean flow-based separation might offer simple, efficient sample(More)
Fluid transport is accomplished in a micro throttle pump (MTP) by alternating deformation of a micro channel cast into a PDMS elastomeric substrate. The active deformation is achieved using a bimorph PZT piezoelectric disk actuator bonded to a glass diaphragm. The bimorph PZT deflects the diaphragm as well as alternately pushing and pulling the elastomer(More)
We report a Micro Throttle Pump (MTP) which has been shown to pump 5 microm diameter polystyrene beads at a concentration of 4.5 x 10(7) beads ml(-1). This new MTP design is constructed in a straightforward manner and actuated by a single piezoelectric (PZT) element. Maximum flow rates at 800 Hz drive frequency of 132 microl min(-1) with water and 108(More)
We report a reciprocating microfluidic pump, the Micro Throttle Pump (MTP), constructed in a relatively uncomplicated manner from glass and microstructured poly(dimethylsiloxane)(PDMS). Unconventionally, the MTP employs throttling of fluid flow as distinct from fully-closing valve structures. Accordingly, this technique offers the prospect of solid-phase(More)
We have previously reported that microthrottle pumps (MTPs) display the capacity to pump solid phase suspensions such as polystyrene beads which prove challenging to most microfluidic pumps. In this paper we report employing a linear microthrottle pump (LMTP) to pump whole, undiluted, anticoagulated, human venous blood at 200 μl min(-1) with minimal(More)