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In the past few years many systems for learning decision rules from examples were developed. As different systems allow different types of answers when classifying new instances, it is difficult to appropriately evaluate the systems' classification power in comparison with other classification systems or in comparison with human experts. Classification(More)
Who is the best chess player of all time? Chess players are often interested in this question that has never been answered authoritatively , because it requires comparison between chess players of different eras who never met across the board. In this paper, we attempt such a comparison based on the evaluation with a chess playing program of games played by(More)
Some applications of Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) are presented. Those applications are chosen that specifically benefit from <i>relational</i> descriptions generated by ILP programs, and from ILP's ability to accommodate background knowledge. Applications included are: drug design, predicting the secondary structure of proteins, and design of(More)