Ivan Arango

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BACKGROUND The construct "identity" was discussed to be integrated as an important criterion for diagnosing personality disorders in DSM-5. According to Kernberg, identity diffusion is one of the relevant underlying structures in terms of personality organization for developing psychopathology, especially borderline personality disorder. Therefore, it would(More)
We present the numerical analysis of sliding dynamics on the discontinuity boundary (DB) of three-dimensional (3D) Filippov systems using an integration-free method denominated Singular Point Tracking (SPT). Many physical applications in engineering can be modelled as Filippov systems. Sliding dynamics due to non-smooth phenomena such as friction,(More)
We explain the set of rules behind of the LabView toolbox for bifurcation analysis of Filippov systems denominated SPTCont 1.0. This software can detect nonsmooth bifurcations in n-dimensional systems using integration-free algorithms based on the evaluation of the vector fields on the discontinuity boundary (DB). In this paper, we present the(More)
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