Ivan Arakistain

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If wood has been with us since time immemorial, being part of our environment, housing and tools, now wood has gain momentum, as it is clear that wood improves our life style. Because of the healthiness, resistance, ecology and comfort, wood is important for all of us, no matter what our life style is. WOODTOUCH Project aims to open a completely new market(More)
Nowadays, one would think that after years of massive concrete and steel construction in Spain, there are not many wood structure buildings left to be refurbished except for some palaces or cathedrals. However, if we go for a walk and have a look at the old part of any city, we will realize that still most of the buildings have a wood structure. In spite of(More)
DECKUBIK is a unique facility for R&D aimed at developing new concepts, products and services for the aging market. This new facility has been installed on the ground floor of the experimental building KUBIK, located in Derio, Vizcaya (Spain). DECKUBIK simulates a dwelling, with two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. The spaces are(More)
Leaks represent a very important hazard for the buildings and they can affect all sorts of building materials and specially wood due to its hygroscopic properties. Excessive moisture content can affect in a negative way building processes such as the installation of wooden floors or the use of wood as a structural material. Moisture meters can provide(More)
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