Ivan Andronov

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  • Ivan Andronov
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 2013
The problems of high-frequency scattering by prolate soft and hard spheroids with high aspect ratio are studied. The asymptotics of the diffracted field and the far field amplitude are derived under the assumption that the spheroid is strongly elongated; that is, the ratio of its length measured in wavelengths to the square of its transverse wave size is on(More)
On considbre le problbme de la diffraction d'une onde glectromagn~tique par une perturbation locale des caractdristiques d'un rev~tement (ou inclusion). L'inclusion induit un champ diffractS, que l' on ddfinit comme la diffdrence entre le champ diffract( par l'objet avec inclusion et le champ diffractd par l'objet sans inclusion. On montre que le champ(More)
An asymptotic approach to high-frequency diffraction which yields uniform approximations with respect to the rate of elongation of the body is discussed in this work. The method is restricted in its application to shapes that are rotationally symmetric and are well approximated by second-order curves. Diffraction by a strongly elongated spheroid is examined(More)
The high-frequency asymptotic procedure developed for the diffraction by an elongated body is reduced to a mathematically correct boundary-value problem for a parabolic equation. The analogue of “time” η varies on an interval [−1, 1]. The problem is considered in the class of functions with not too singular behavior near η(More)
The problem of high-frequency diffraction by a strongly elongated body is considered. The surface is supposed to be well approximated by a spheroidal surface. The asymptotic approximation for the induced currents is constructed by means of the parabolic equation method under the assumption that the wave-size of the body in the longitudinal direction is of(More)
An analysis of X-ray and optical light curves of the magnetic cataclysmic variable (MCV) BY Cam is presented. This system is one of 3 MCVs in which the spin period of the white dwarf and the binary orbital period diier by 1%. As such thesèBY Cam' stars are important objects with which to probe the eld structure of the magnetic white dwarf and ultimately the(More)
We study the errors of computations performed with the use of ANSYS HFSS package for the induced currents distribution on the surface of perfectly conducting spheroid axially illuminated by a plane electromagnetic wave. For the comparison we use special asymptotic approximation which is valid for the case of high-frequency diffraction by a strongly(More)
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