Ivan A. Garcia

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This paper presents a systematic review of relevant published studies related to topics in Requirements Engineering, specifically, concerning stakeholder identification methods in requirements elicitation, dated from 1984-2011. Addressing four specific research questions, this systematic literature review shows the following evidence gathered from these(More)
Nowadays there are models and standards which attempt to introduce quality in the enterprises’ software development process with the objective to introduce high quality levels in the produced software. The NMX-I-059/02-NYCE-2005 standard (also known as MoProSoft) is focused on small and medium software enterprises, or small groups of software(More)
Use of musculoskeletal allografts has become increasingly popular, with widespread use among knee surgeons. The advantages and disadvantages of their use have been documented. In the knee, allografts are used for ligament reconstruction, meniscal transplantation, and articular surface reconstruction. The purpose of this review is to present issues(More)
Ion imaging methods are making ever greater impact on studies of gas phase molecular reaction dynamics. This article traces the evolution of the technique, highlights some of the more important breakthroughs with regards to improving image resolution and in image processing and analysis methods, and then proceeds to illustrate some of the many applications(More)
This paper aims to obtain a baseline snapshot of Project Management practices using a two-phase questionnaire to identify both performed and non- performed practices. The proposed questionnaire is based on the Level 2 process areas of the Capability Maturity Model Integration for Development vl.2. It is expected that the application of the questionnaire to(More)
Nowadays, there has been a real change in the traditional (Mexican) methodology for learning and teaching; the teaching of Electronic Sciences needs to identify the real necessities of students to avoid deficiencies in static classrooms. The benefits of the constructionist theory as a learning paradigm are widely recognized, because they support significant(More)