Ivan Ďuriš

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OBJECTIVE The aims of the study were to compare obesity and its association with risk factors of atherosclerosis in Arabs and South Asians in Kuwait and to define which of the anthropometric parameters is best suited for clinical purposes in general. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Two hundred eighty adults, patients of Al-Rashid Hospital, a private general hospital(More)
A series of 274 attacks (256 of them recurring) of ulcerative colitis in 158 subjects, observed between January 1974 and December 1990 in Bratislava (48 degrees N, 17 degrees E), Slovakia, has been processed by R.A. Fisher's periodogram and F. Halberg's cosinor procedure. In spite of the long-term administration of sulfasalazin and/or corticosteroids, an(More)
In this study the influence of fasting on the structures in the human gastric mucosa was followed using selective histoenzymological and electronmicroscopic method. The gastrobioptical material of 7 healthy volunteers was examined after 24 to 240 hour fasting. During fasting an increased acid phosphatase activity in the chief cells of the human fundal(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the prevalence of nonalcoholic hepatic steatosis (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, NAFLD) and the significance of some risk factors, such as obesity and glucose metabolism impairment, for two major ethnic groups of Kuwait: Arabs and South Asians. SUBJECTS AND METHODS 143 adults (Arab: n = 81; South Asian: n = 62) were enrolled in the(More)
Fifty-three cases of staphylococcal endocarditis from a national endocarditis survey were analyzed for risk factors and outcome. Thirty of 53 patients had predisposing heart disease (39.6% rheumatic fever) but only 3 were on dialysis, only 2 had central venous catheter, only 2 intravenous drug abuse but 7 had prior cardiosurgery. Mortality was 39.6%. In(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The existence of a negative-feedback mechanism between pancreatic enzyme secretion and intraduodenal proteases and the role of cholecystokinin in its mediation in humans is debatable. The presence of such a feedback mechanism in chronic pancreatitis patients with exocrine enzyme deficiency possibly leads to an increase in cholecystokinin(More)
Risk factors, etiology, and outcome of 180 cases of infective endocarditis (IE) in the Slovak Republic for 5 years were prospectively studied in a national survey. According to the Duke Endocarditis Service Criteria (1994), 169 cases were considered definitive and 21 possible/probable. The aortic valve was infected in 46.7%, mitral in 47.2%, and(More)
Gastrin, somatostatin and cortisol circadian (24 hours) rhythmicity was confirmed in healthy subjects. Gastrin and cortisol circadian rhythmicity was studied and also established in patients with ulcerative colitis (UC). UC patients were found to have a lower 24-hour amplitude of plasma cortisol and a shorter acrophase of plasma gastrin. Gastrin correlated(More)
The aim of our work was to develop a fast, reliable and sensitive PCR method to detect K-ras mutations in various clinical samples. There is a need for an unimpeachable method for early diagnosis and/or screening of pancreatic cancer (PC). We optimized and subsequently analyzed four methods based on mutant-enriched PCR for the sensitivity, cost and time(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS There are genetic, endoengenous, and exogenous factors responsible for colorectal cancer. Calcium may play a chemopreventive role in high risk groups. Binding fatty and biliary acids and their reduced absorbtion, with a consequent decrease of proliferative stimulation and reduction of secondary carcinogenic compounds, may explain this role.(More)