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With the purpose of studying the supposed risk for the male inseminative ability, the fertile indices of 80 professional drivers (main group) and 159 representatives of professions accepted as not having professional harms (control group) have been examined. The results show significantly higher percentage part for the drivers with disturbed inseminative(More)
3563 Background: Patients with stage III colon cancer have a high risk for recurrence. Infusional 5-FU may be more active than bolus application. METHODS From 01/1997 to 03/2004 a total of 1601 patients with UICC stage III colon cancer were randomized to receive the Mayo-Clinic regimen or infusional 5-FU either the weekly high dose AIO regimen, the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy of treatment of bacterial vaginosis (BV) using metronidazole to reduce preterm labour in primigravidae and multigravidae with previous midtrimester abortion or preterm labour. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial. SETTING Tertiary academic hospital. METHOD Two different groups of patients were screened for BV at the(More)
Under observation were 27 patients, treated during the period of 1969-1973, with fractures of the brachial diaphysis and injury of the radial nerve. These patients showed temporary impairment of the radial nerve conductivity: in 21 cases immediately after the trauma, in 6--after operative intervention on the bone. Along with the treatment using(More)
UNLABELLED There are multiple insults to the male genital tract that have been associated with an increased risk of antisperm antibodies (ASA) formation. The presence of ASA has been regarded as typical and specific for the immunological infertility. It has been suggested that the presence of agglutinated spermatozoa is suggestive of the existence of an(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of the study was to establish the distribution of the lymphocyte populations in peripheral blood in pregnant women with antiphospholipid antibodies (aPL) and a history of recurrent pregnancy loss as well as to make a study on the influence of the intravenous IgG-treatment (IVIg) on the levels of antibodies and peripheral lymphocytes. (More)
In 169 men from infertile couples were investigated the following sperm parameters--concentration, motility, morphology, in order to find the possible influence of smoking on sperm quality. The percentage of men with deviations from normal sperm motility is significantly higher among smokers (35.65%) in comparison with the non-smokers group (20.04%), p <(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY To determine the frequency of usage of combined oral hormonal contraception/COHC/ and its efficiency in women with chronic pelvic pain/CPP/. MATERIALS AND METHODS Three-hundred and seventy, consecutively admitted in the Clinic women with CPP, were included in the study. They were divided into 2 groups--group A/n = 80/--women that had(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether Mycoplasma hominis is associated with preterm labour in primigravidae and multigravidae with previous midtrimester abortion or preterm labour. DESIGN Cohort analytical study. SETTING Tygerberg Hospital, a tertiary academic hospital in the Western Cape. METHODS Gram's stains were done on smears taken from the posterior(More)
The aim of our study is to determine the quality of postoperative analgesia by using of Perfalgan (injectable paracetamol)--alone or in combination with other analgesics for different operations in obstetric and gynecology. We have evaluated 60 women, divided into four groups each one of 15 according to the kind of surgical intervention: section cesarean,(More)