Ivailo Nikolov

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In this report dispersion properties of different types of optical polymers are discussed on the base of measured refractive indices and the Cauchy–Schott approximation. A number of dispersion curves are presented in the visible and near infrared spectral regions between 400 and 1060 nm. A comparison with some optical glasses with similar refraction is(More)
The activity of polyamine oxidase (PAO) participating in the intracellular catabolitic interconversion of the polyamines and the total concentration of polyamines in some tissues of hamsters with transplantational pigmented melamoma IC-Sofia were studied. The experiments were carried out on day 0, as well as on the 11th, 15th, 21st and 27th day after the(More)
Double staining kit of Annexin V Cy3.18/6-CFDA was used to investigate the changes in phospholipide asymmetry after treating sperm cells with dexamethasone. The % of spermatozoa with registered translocation of PS in treated with dexamethazone groups at the 10-th min and in control no treated varied from 2.74%±0.65 to 2.30%±0.89. After the 5 hour of(More)
Substantial power scaling of a travelling-wave femtosecond optical parametric amplifier, pumped near 800 nm by a 1 kHz Ti:sapphire laser amplifier, is demonstrated using monoclinic BiB(3)O(6) in a two stage scheme with continuum seeding. Total energy output (signal plus idler) exceeding 1 mJ is achieved, corresponding to an intrinsic conversion efficiency(More)
Experimental researches were carried out on sheep, fed with forage, containing 0.6% nitrate in the dry substance of the ration with the aim to follow the dynamics of the thyroid hormones, respectively the functions of the thyroid gland and its connection with some hematologic and biochemical indexes in the blood (methaemoglobin, blood sugar, carotene and(More)
Studied was the effect of some hormonal preparations--progesteron, GnRH, and HCG with progesteron--injected immediately prior to artificial insemination on the reproductional functions of cows raised under industrial conditions. It was found that the conception rate of cows at first insemination was highest upon treatment with GnRH--67.86 percent, i.e., by(More)