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The image registration by digital cameras and video cameras requires digital filters to be posed onto the photo-sensitive sensors (CCD and CMOS). The filters are arranged in patterns across the face of the image sensing array. The most commonly used color filter array is Bayer pattern. An alternative of this pattern is a Pseudo-Random Bayer color filter(More)
The development oforganic agriculture in Bulgarian in recent years has become more topical in connection with the modern requirements for protection of the environment. This study was conducted to investigate the possibility for organic cultivation of common vetch (Vicia sativa L., cultivars ‘Obrazets 666’ and ‘Tempo’) and the changes in terms of forage(More)
The present work investigates a simple method for determining the distance to objects in a scene using the principles of the canonical stereo vision systems. The objective is to prove by the physical experiments that using conventional digital still camera in combination with image analysis techniques relying on binocular cues it is possible to effectively(More)
The objective of this paper is to present the application of simulation techniques for organization of experiments for performance investigation of the distributed information servicing. The paper considers the simulation framework, which allows estimating the effectiveness of different approaches for request routing for resource discovering in the context(More)
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