Iva Krasteva

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Software is often built from pre-existing, reusable components, but there is a lack of knowledge regarding how efficient this is in practice. In this paper we therefore present qualitative results from an industrial survey on current practices and preferences, highlighting differences and similarities between development with reusable components,(More)
Component-based software engineering has had great impact in the desktop and server domain and is spreading to other domains as well, such as embedded systems. Agile software development is another approach which has gained much attention in recent years, mainly for smaller-scale production of less critical systems. Both of them promise to increase system(More)
Software organizations are nowadays facing increased demand for modernizing their legacy software systems using up-to-date technologies. The combination of Model-Driven Development and delivery models like Cloud and Software as a Service have become a very promising approach for software modernization that possesses a lot of advantages, including great deal(More)
Cloud computing is currently recognized as an important platform technology that enables service clouds supporting the Software as a Service (SaaS) paradigm. This paper presents the REMICS Methodology, which combines the model-driven approach with agile practices, for the migration of legacy applications to service clouds. The paper gives an overview of the(More)
Agile methodologies for software development meet the challenges of the current highly dynamic and competitive business environment. The aim of this case study is to improve existing software development process in a project for the public administration, following the basic principles of agile methodologies. Appropriate metrics for continuous evaluation of(More)