Iván Vera-Escalona

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Historical climate changes and orogenesis are two important factors that have shaped intraspecific biodiversity patterns worldwide. Although southern South America has experienced such complex events, there is a paucity of studies examining the effects on intraspecific diversification in this part of the world. Liolaemus pictus is the southernmost(More)
Galaxias maculatus is a widely distributed fish with diadromous and resident populations throughout Gondwanan regions. We present 17 novel microsatellite markers that were tested on 44 individuals from one lacustrine population in Patagonia. We found ten polymorphic markers and seven monomorphic markers in the population under analysis. The number of(More)
Galaxias platei is a fish species restricted to lakes and rivers from Patagonia. In this study, 15 novel microsatellite loci were developed and characterized for 64 individuals of G. platei collected from a Patagonian lake. Eight loci were polymorphic and seven were monomorphic. The number of alleles in the polymorphic loci ranged from 3 to 6, and the(More)
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