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Group decision making problems aim to manage situations in which two or more experts need to achieve a common solution to a decision problem. Different rules and processes can be applied to solve such problems (e.g. majority rule, consensus reaching, and so on), and several models have been proposed to deal with them. Some difficulties may arise in group(More)
Consensus reaching processes play an increasingly important role in the resolution of group decision making problems: a solution acceptable to all the experts participating in a problem is necessary in many real-life contexts. A large number of consensus approaches have been proposed to support groups in such processes, each one with its own(More)
Consensus reaching processes are applied in group decision making problems to reach a mutual agreement among a group of decision makers before making a common decision. Different consensus models have been developed to facilitate consensus reaching processes. However, new trends bring diverse challenges in group decision making, such as the modelling of(More)
In group decision making problems is common the necessity of achieving a consensus before making a decision. Many consensus reaching processes have been introduced in the literature but not many intelligent systems have finally been implemented to deal with such processes. In this contribution an initial prototype of a consensus support system supported on(More)
The need for achieving consensus in group decision making problems is a common and sometimes necessary task in a myriad of social and business environments. Different consensus reaching processes have been proposed in the literature to achieve agreement among a group of experts. Initially, such processes were guided by a human moderator, but afterwards,(More)