Iván Ovejero

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This experiment was undertaken to provide information on the effect of feeding system applied during the finishing period (100-150kg) on the quality of Iberian pig meat. Four feeding systems were applied: pigs fed under free-range conditions with acorns and grass fully available during 111 days (FR(111)), pigs fed concentrate diet in confinement during 28(More)
Forty three-castrated male Iberian pigs of the Torbiscal line with an average initial weight of 102.27kg were used. A group of 22 pigs was fed according to the traditional way in free-range conditions with acorn and grass from November to January. Another group of 21 animals was fed 3.72kg/day of a conventional feed that contained 12.53MJME/kg, 16.21% crude(More)
The efficiency of manure separation by a conveyor belt under a partially slatted floor for fattening pigs was determined for two types of belts, a flat belt with an incline of up to 6 degrees transversely and a concave belt with an incline of up to 1 degrees longitudinally. A 31.20% and 23.75% dry matter content of the solid fraction was obtained for the(More)
Twelve barrow Iberian pigs with an average weight at slaughter of 109.2kg were used to evaluate bioelectrical impedance procedures to predict the body composition of live pigs. Twelve hours before slaughter pigs were weighed, and a four-terminal body composition analyser (Model BIA-101, RJL Systems, Detroit, MI) was utilized to determine resistance (R(s) in(More)
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