Iván Jaimes

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Morphological and anatomical features (including wood anatomy and pollen morphology) of the small neotropical genusPagameopsis (Rubiaceae-Rubioideae) are discussed and illustrated. The fused ovaries, fenestrate corolla tube, basally attached anther filaments, and absence of raphides are especially noteworthy.Pagameopsis is definitely not a member of the(More)
Taurine is an amino acid known to possess trophic properties in the central nervous system. The relevance of its presence in maternal milk is related to its role as an essential nutrient. Taurine deficiency around birth produces anatomical and functional modifications in the brain and in the retina. In addition, taurine favors neuron proliferation and(More)
Breeding systems and mating systems of plants in a previously studied secondary deciduous forest were reanalysed in the context of new data. In this analysis, we increased the number of plant species (up to approximately 25% of the plant species in the community), included other life forms (23 annual and perennial species, plus habitat disturbance(More)
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