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The khmer package is a freely available software library for working efficiently with fixed length DNA words, or k-mers. khmer provides implementations of a probabilistic k-mer counting data structure, a compressible De Bruijn graph representation, De Bruijn graph partitioning, and digital normalization. khmer is implemented in C++ and Python, and is freely(More)
A new gait phase detection system for continuous monitoring based on wireless sensorized insoles is presented. The system can be used in gait analysis mobile applications, and it is designed for real-time demarcation of gait phases. The system employs pressure sensors to assess the force exerted by each foot during walking. A fuzzy rule-based inference(More)
  • María F. Garcés, Elizabeth Sanchez, Luisa F. Cardona, Elkin L. Simanca, Iván González, Luis G. Leal +12 others
  • 2015
BACKGROUND Meteorin (METRN) is a recently described neutrophic factor with angiogenic properties. This is a nested case-control study in a longitudinal cohort study that describes the serum profile of METRN during different periods of gestation in healthy and preeclamptic pregnant women. Moreover, we explore the possible application of METRN as a biomarker.(More)
One of the main challenges on Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is to reach an appropriate acceptance level of the assistive systems, as well as to analyze and monitor end user tasks in a feasible and efficient way. The development and evaluation of AAL solutions based on user-centered perspective help to achive these goals. In this work, we have designed a(More)
Traffic analysis is an essential part of capacity planning, quality of service assurance, and reinforcement of security in current telecommunication networks. Traffic volume increases with network speed and the analysis of large traffic traces is computationally intensive. The paper presents, for the first time ever, a flow extraction software that allows(More)
This study compared the effect of the cryopreservation protocol, the genotype and the plant growth regulators used in the recovery media on the genetic stability of mint shoot tips. Shoot tips of two micropropagated genotypes of mint were cryopreserved either using an encapsulation-dehydration or droplet-vitrification protocol. Three recovery media were(More)