Iván González

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We develop a quantum Monte Carlo procedure, in the valence bond basis, to measure the Renyi entanglement entropy of a many-body ground state as the expectation value of a unitary Swap operator acting on two copies of the system. An improved estimator involving the ratio of Swap operators for different subregions enables convergence of the entropy in a(More)
A recursive algebraic method which allows to obtain the Feynman or Schwinger parametric representation of a generic L-loops and (E+1) external lines diagram, in a scalar φ⊕φ theory, is presented. The representation is obtained starting from an Initial Parameters Matrix (IPM ), which relates the scalar products between internal and external momenta, and(More)
Despite the fundamental importance of the redox metabolism of mitochondria under normal and pathological conditions, our knowledge regarding the transport of vitamin C across mitochondrial membranes remains far from complete. We report here that human HEK-293 cells express a mitochondrial low-affinity ascorbic acid transporter that molecularly corresponds(More)
A new gait phase detection system for continuous monitoring based on wireless sensorized insoles is presented. The system can be used in gait analysis mobile applications, and it is designed for real-time demarcation of gait phases. The system employs pressure sensors to assess the force exerted by each foot during walking. A fuzzy rule-based inference(More)
S. Ramanujan introduced a technique, known as Ramanujan’s Master Theorem, which provides an analytic expression for the Mellin transform of a function. The main identity of this theorem involves the extrapolation of the sequence of coefficients of the integrand, defined originally as a function on N to C. The history and proof of this result are reviewed.(More)
Abstract. A new heuristic method for the evaluation of definite integrals is presented. This method of brackets has its origin in methods developed for the evaluation of Feynman diagrams. The operational rules are described and the method is illustrated with several examples. The method of brackets reduces the evaluation of a large class of definite(More)
Quantitative gait analysis allows clinicians to assess the inherent gait variability over time which is a functional marker to aid in the diagnosis of disabilities or diseases such as frailty, the onset of cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases, among others. However, despite the accuracy achieved by the current specialized systems there are(More)
A real-time attitude stabilization control scheme is proposed for the efficient performance of a mini-UAV Quad-Rotor. Brushless DC (BLDC) motor speed sensing is performed by reflective sensors in order to obtain a robust stabilization of the vehicle in hovering mode both This work was supported by CONACyT, UMI-LAFMIA 3175 CNRS and CINVESTAV-IPN. I. González(More)
We present an alternative technique for evaluating multiloop Feynman diagrams, using the integration by fractional expansion method. Here we consider generic diagrams that contain propagators with radiative corrections which topologically correspond to recursive constructions of bubble type diagrams. The main idea is to reduce these subgraphs, replacing(More)