Iván García

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An interesting new application domain for handheld devices may be represented by Ambient Intelligence (AmI), where they can be used as intermediaries between us and our surrounding environment. Thus, the devices, which always accompany us, will behave as electronic butlers who assist us in our daily tasks, by interacting with the smart objects (everyday(More)
We present numerical tests on a new paradigm for solving derivative free optimization problems in a multiprocessor environment. The exchange of information among processors is realized whenever a point that belong to a sequence of quasi-minimal points is detected. This concept was coined by [1] for unconstrained optimization and later adapted to bound(More)
The latest mobile devices are offering more multimedia features, better communication capabilities (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS/UMTS) and are more easily programmable than ever before. So far, those devices have been used mainly for communication, entertainment, and as electronic assistants. A radically different application domain for them may be represented by(More)
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