Iván Federico Rubel

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BACKGROUND Injury to the peroneal nerve is one of the most serious complications in orthopaedic surgery. Because percutaneous procedures at the level of the proximal aspect of the tibia are becoming increasingly popular, it is critical to have a thorough knowledge of the trajectory of the peroneal nerve and its main branches at the level of the proximal(More)
[Purpose] This study aimed to determine the predictive values of the trunk control test (TCT) and functional ambulation category (FAC) for independent walking up to 6 months post stroke. [Subjects] Twenty-seven subjects with hemiplegia secondary to a unilateral hemisphere stroke were included. [Methods] The protocol was started at 45 days post stroke, with(More)
This repeated measures study assessed the changes in speed, acceleration, stroke frequency, and shoulder range of motion (ROM) associated with different wheelchair axle positions in people with chronic cervical (C) 6 tetraplegia. Our main hypothesis is that the up and forward axle position is the most conducive to wheelchair propulsion, increasing speed and(More)
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