Iván Arango

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Recruiting participants for large prevention trials is time consuming and costly. In order to test various recruitment techniques, we conducted two studies of response rates to recruitment mailings for the Women's Health Trial. The potential participants, 50- to 79-year-old women, were requested to return an enclosed postcard to learn more about the trial.(More)
Depression is considered an important risk factor in patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD). Although the biological mechanism is unknown, it has been suggested that hyperactivity of platelets may have an important role in the onset and evolution of cardiovascular damage. The goals of this study were to evaluate by transmission electron microscopy and(More)
BACKGROUND The construct "identity" was discussed to be integrated as an important criterion for diagnosing personality disorders in DSM-5. According to Kernberg, identity diffusion is one of the relevant underlying structures in terms of personality organization for developing psychopathology, especially borderline personality disorder. Therefore, it would(More)
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