Iván A. Pérez-Álvarez

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—We analyze the problem of localization algorithms for underwater sensor networks. We first characterize the underwater channel for radio communications and adjust a linear model with measurements of real transmissions. We propose an algorithm where the sensor nodes collaboratively estimate their unknown positions in the network. In this setting, we assume(More)
—We use real measurements of the underwater channel to simulate a whole underwater RF wireless sensor networks, including buffer) and complete MAC and routing protocols. The results should be useful for designing centralized and distributed algorithms for applications like monitoring, event detection, localization and aid to navigation. We also explain the(More)
Although most of the research on Cognitive Radio is focused on communication bands above the HF upper limit (30 MHz), Cognitive Radio principles can also be applied to HF communications to make use of the extremely scarce spectrum more efficiently. In this work we consider legacy users as primary users since these users transmit without resorting to any(More)