Iustin Radu Bojoi

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A sensorless stator flux-oriented control (SSFOC) scheme suitable for low cost induction motor drives that require wide field-weakening range is presented. This method can be used as an alternative for V/Hz schemes for home appliances and other low cost induction motor drives. The maximum torque capability at field weakening is achieved by means of a simple(More)
A performance analysis of three-phase and dual three-phase (DTP) induction pulsewidth modulation (PWM) inverter-fed motor drives is conducted in this paper. The focus is on the efficiency performance of high-frequency DTP machines compared to their three-phase counterparts in low/medium power applications. For this purpose, a DTP machine, having two sets of(More)
In many sensorless field-oriented control schemes for induction motor (IM) drives, flux is estimated by means of measured motor currents and control reference voltages. In most cases, flux estimation is based on the integral of back-electromotive-force (EMF) voltages. Inverter nonlinear errors (dead-time and on-state voltage drops) introduce a distortion in(More)
A new stationary frame control scheme for three-phase pulsewidth-modulation (PWM) rectifiers operating under unbalanced voltage dips conditions is proposed in this paper. The proposed control scheme regulates the instantaneous active power at the converter poles to minimize the harmonics of the input currents and the output voltage ripple. This paper's(More)
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