Iuri Matteuzzo Ventura

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Spiroplasma endosymbionts are maternally transmitted bacteria that may kill infected sons resulting in the production of female-biased broods. The prevalence of male killers varies considerably both between and within species. Here, we evaluate the spatial and temporal status of male-killing and non-male-killing Spiroplasma infection in three Brazilian(More)
Male-killing bacteria are maternally inherited agents that cause death of sons of infected females. Their transmission rate is commonly high but imperfect and also sensitive to different environmental factors. Therefore, the proportion of infected females should be reduced in each generation. In order to explain male-killers spread and persistence in host(More)
Spiroplasma endosymbionts are maternally inherited microorganisms which infect many arthropod species. In some Drosophila species, it acts as a reproductive manipulator, spreading in populations by killing the sons of infected mothers. Distinct Drosophila melanogaster populations from Brazil exhibit variable male-killing Spiroplasma prevalences. In this(More)
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