Iuliia Khomenko

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We report here studies addressing the possibility of preventing neurodegenerative changes in the brain using adaptation to periodic hypoxia in rats with experimental Alzheimer's disease induced by administration of the neurotoxic peptide fragment of beta-amyloid (Ab) into the basal magnocellular nucleus. Adaptation to periodic hypoxia was performed in a(More)
In Wistar and August rats characterized by different resistance to acute emotional stress we compared the resistance to neurodegenerative brain damage (model of Alzheimers disease) produced by administration of a neurotoxic peptide fragment (25-35) beta-amyloid into the brain. August rats were more resistant to acute stress and development of(More)
The superficial scald is an important physiological disorder affecting apple fruit during postharvest storage. To date, the accumulation, and further oxidation, of α-farnesene was considered as the most probable cause for the development of this physiopathy. In order to perform a more broad investigation, a PTR-ToF–MS (proton transfer reaction—time of(More)
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are fundamental elements of flavor, one of the most important fruit-quality traits. Despite its importance, this aspect is still poorly considered in assisted breeding programs, due to the lack of suitable and fast detection systems as well as validated functional markers. In this work, a full-sib parental mapping(More)
Fruit quality is generally represented by several components, among which aroma plays a fundamental role in determining the overall appreciation. To generate a comprehensive data inventory of aroma compounds in apple, a large collection represented by 190 apple accessions was characterized by a proton transfer reaction-time of flight-mass spectrometry(More)
In the given paper the effective simulation technique of quartz oscillators the in time domain with use of general purpose EDA software (PSPICE, MicroCAP, etc) is offered. The main idea is reception of averaged on the first harmonic parameters of nonlinear active part of self-oscillating circuit with the help of widespread programs of circuit simulation,(More)
The study focused on a possibility of preventing brain neurodegeneration by adaptation to intermittent hypoxia (AH) in rats with experimental Alzheimer's disease (AD) modeled by injection of a neurotoxic bert-amyloid peptide fragment (Ab) into n. basalis magnocellularis. AH was produ- ced in an altitude chamber (4.000 m; 4 hours daily; 14 days). The(More)
This study investigated the volatile emission from apple (Malus x domestica Borkh., cv. Golden Delicious) foliage that was either intact, mechanically-damaged, or exposed to larval feeding by Pandemis heparana (Denis and Schiffermüller) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). Volatiles were collected by closed-loop-stripping-analysis and characterized by gas(More)
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