Iuliana Oprea

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We show that transverse perturbations from structurally stable heteroclinic cycles can be destabilized by surprisingly small amounts of noise, even when each individual fixed point of the cycle is stable to transverse modes. A condition that favours this process is that the linearization of the dynamics in the transverse direction be characterized by a(More)
Cyclic patterns of neuronal activity are ubiquitous in animal nervous systems, and partially responsible for generating and controlling rhythmic movements such as locomotion, respiration, swallowing and so on. Clarifying the role of the network connectivities for generating cyclic patterns is fundamental for understanding the generation of rhythmic(More)
The snow surface is very dynamic, and the roughness of the snowpack surface varies spatially and temporally. The snow surface roughness influences the movement of air across the snow surface as well as the resulting transfers of energy, and is used to estimate the sensible and latent heat fluxes to and/or from the snow surface to the atmosphere. In the(More)
We report on a new mode interaction found in electroconvection experiments on the nematic liquid crystal mixture Phase V in planar geometry. The mode interaction (codimension two) point occurs at a critical value of the frequency of the driving AC voltage. For frequencies below this value the primary pattern-forming instability at the onset voltage is an(More)
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