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SUMMARY In the conventional quasi-geostrophic form of the 'omega'cquation, the forcing of vertical velocity is usually expressed as the sum of two terms associated respectively with vorticity and temperature advection. Consideration of each term in isolation is misleading and there can be a large degree of cancellation. On the other hand, in Sutcliffe's(More)
RATIONALE Infantile Hemangiomas (IH) are the most frequent tumors of vascular origin, and the differential diagnosis from vascular malformations is difficult to establish. Specific types of IH due to the location, dimensions and fast evolution, can determine important functional and esthetic sequels. To avoid these unfortunate consequences it is necessary(More)
RATIONALE Proteus Syndrome (PS) is an extremely rare congenital pathology that causes overgrowth of multiple tissues, in particular bone and fat, following a mosaic pattern. The estimated incidence is of less than 1 per 1,000.000 live births and represents a significant challenge to the pediatric and orthopedic surgeons in order to establish a diagnosis and(More)
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