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 When an alternating electric current flows through a conductor (wire), Electric-E and Magnetic-H fields are created around the conductor.  If the length of the conductor is very short compared to a wavelength (<< λ/4), the electric and magnetic fields will decrease dramatically within a distance of one or two wavelengths.  However, as the conductor is(More)
This paper presents a numerical simulation of an aircraft tire in contact with a rough surface using a variable friction coefficient dependent on temperature and contact pressure. A sliding facility was used in order to evaluate this dependence of the friction coefficient. The temperature diffusion throughout the tire cross-section was measured by means of(More)
The two signals inserted into the two input ports are usually the Local Oscillator signal, and the incoming (for a receiver) or outgoing (for a transmitter) signal. To produce a new frequency (or new frequencies) requires a nonlinear device. In a mixing process if we want to produce an output frequency that is lower than the input signal frequency, then it(More)
This note will review the process by which VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) designers choose their oscillator’s topology and devices based on performance requirements, components types and DC power requirements. Basic oscillator design specifications often require a given output power into a specified load at the design frequency. The drive level and(More)
AGC was implemented in first radios for the reason of fading propagation (defined as slow variations in the amplitude of the received signals) which required continuing adjustments in the receiver‟s gain in order to maintain a relative constant output signal. Such situation led to the design of circuits, which primary ideal function was to maintain a(More)
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