Iulian D. Toader

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Some factors that influence the values of respiratory activities of liver mitochondria isolated from surgical biopsy specimens have been studied. By sedimentating of mitochondria at a lower centrifugal force (5,500 g) than usually used for rat liver mitochondria, and washing the mitochondrial pellet twice, the contamination with lysosomes and microsomes was(More)
The paper proposes a new reading of the Aufbau, one that contends that Carnap’s epistemological project is not, or not only, to identify the conditions under which a system of purely structural definite descriptions can attain objectivity. Rather, the project is more ambitious: to determine the conditions that allow the concomitant attainment of objectivity(More)
The authors advance the case of a patient aged 42, with cardiovascular disorders who is hospitalized for non-specific, but persistent symptomatology: asthenia, fatigability, dyspnoea, night sweats. The clinical (splenomegaly), abdominal ultrasonographic (splenic hypo-echogenic lesions) and computed tomographic (splenic hypo-dense lesions) elements lead to a(More)
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