Iulian C. Vizitiu

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One of the main applications of pattern recognition is the use of video or imaging cameras in order to detect and recognize the vehicle license plate numbers. This is important mainly for access, traffic surveillance and law enforcement. Several systems are implemented and working in situ with more or less precision. These systems are based on the use of a(More)
It is well known that using proper signal compression techniques, the range resolution of the radar systems can be enhanced without having to increase the peak transmits power. Whereby the range resolution is inverse proportional with the frequency band of the scanning signals, in the last period of time, in radar systems literature a lot of suitable(More)
Automatic sea floor characterization is mainly based on the signal or image processing of the data acquired using an active acoustic system called sediment sonar. Each processing method suits a specific type of sonar, such as the monobeam, the multibeam, or the side-scan sonar. Most types of sonar offer a two dimensional view of the sea floor surface.(More)
According to literature, a significant and up to date research direction to increase the performance level of automatic target recognition (ATR) systems is focused on the use of information coming from an appropriate set of EM sensors and high-quality decision fusion techniques, respectively. Consequently, in this paper a genetic optimized version of(More)
The problem of secure information transmission over an unsecured medium is very important in the communication systems and especially in the military systems. Speech scrambling is one of the methods used to prevent unauthorized decryption of the message. In this paper three scrambling techniques are presented and their performances are analyzed. These(More)
According to the pattern recognition theory, a very important stage into a classification chain is represented by the feature selection. Although in literature a lot of feature selection techniques are indicated, one of the most important methods as application area is focused on Sammon projection algorithm use. Consequently, in this paper an improved(More)
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