Iulia Nagy

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The aim of our research is to develop a scalable automatic why question answering system for English based on supervised method that uses part of speech analysis. The prior approach consisted in building a why-classifier using function words. This paper investigates the performance of combining supervised data mining methods with various feature selection(More)
The genetic algorithms (GAs), as the optimization methods, are expansively used in mobile robot techniques. In this paper a previously developed, multi-agent based map building process optimizing GA [1] will be revised in form of GA algorithm optimization and GA's parameter tuning. The results of the algorithm-improving will be compared and analyzed in the(More)
The main subject of this paper is to develop a complex path planning process (algorithm) which starts at the positioning accuracy of the marker-based navigating systems, and in a priori known environment determines the navigation area (NA) of the environment, and then based on directed graphs builds up the so-called graph-map. After, the algorithm,(More)
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