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At most, 40 pregnant females at a high risk for fetal perinatal pathology underwent clinical investigation, ultrasonic scanning of the placenta, recording of the fetal electro- and phonocardiography, the evaluation of the placental levels of lactogen and estradiol and thermoresistant alkaline phosphatase changes of the values considered who were then(More)
Sixty eight anesthesia procedures during abdominal delivery in patients with late toxemia of pregnancy have been analysed. In 32 cases the diagnosis was preeclampsia, in 8 cases--eclampsia, in 28 cases III degree nephropathy. Depending on the variant and method of anesthesia the subjects were divided into 3 clinical groups. Group I comprised 31 women to(More)
A study was made of estrogen and progesterone reception of the endometrial cytoplasmatic and nuclear fractions of healthy women and women suffering from late habitual abortion in the early proliferative and late secretory phases of the menstrual cycle. Reception of both sex hormones in the nuclei and estrogen binding in the endometrial cytosol of women with(More)
Original computer programs for assessment of energetic value of nutrition and daily energy expenditures of man based on physical activity protocols have been developed. The programs were tried in 16 patients with insulin-dependent diabetes, and essential individual differences from tentative table estimations of energy expenditures were detected.(More)
A comparison was made of some biochemical parameters for energy metabolism, acid-base balance, blood gases and uterine contractility in parturients with uterine inertia who were on therapy with or without hyperbaric oxygenation. The presence of hypoxemia and metabolic acidosis in the parturients was found to intensify the processes of lipid peroxidation, to(More)