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The effect of different exposures to altitude chamber hypoxia (1, 5 or 21 days) upon the catalytic properties of monoaminoxidases (MAO) of fragments of mitochondrial membranes of the Wistar rat liver, which are key enzymes in the metabolism of biogenic amines, was investigated. The MAO activity of A and B types decreased on day 5 and increased on day 21 of(More)
Effects of pyrasidol (1,10-trimethylen-8-methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrasino(1,2-a) indol hydrochloride)--a selective reversible inhibitor of monoaminoxidase (MAO)--on substrate specificity of MAO fragments of mitochondrial membranes of the rat liver in altitude chamber hypoxia were studied. It is shown that pyrasidol during hypoxic exposure causes a sharp(More)
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