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As many as 95 patients with generalized form of yersiniosis and 66 patients with scarlatiniform pseudotuberculosis were examined. Atypical mononuclears were detected in the peripheral blood of 23.2% of patients with yersiniosis and 13.6% of those with pseudotuberculosis. In 83.9% their numbers varied from 2 to 9% and in 16.1% only their count amounted to(More)
The examination of 99 children immunized with adsorbed DPT vaccine revealed that the intensity of immune response to the diphtheria and tetanus components of the preparation were linked with a number of genetic markers (respectively, HLA-A9, B35, etc.; HLA-A25, B8, etc.) and their combinations. The groups of children with high and low sensitivity include an(More)
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