Iu S Komarov

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The results of immunological analysis of the antigenic structure of hemagglutinin and neuraminidase of influenza A (serovariant Hsw 1) isolates recovered in Alma-Ata in 1984-1985 are presented. By means of specific adsorption and immunoprecipitation the antigenic structure of new isolates was shown to be very similar to that of the A/swine/Iowa/15/30 strain.
Food motivation in rabbits injected intravenously with beta-lipotropin (3-5 microliters, 91.5 X 10(-6) mumole/ml, in a physiological saline) was studied in different stages of food motivation excitation. It was found that the effect of beta-lipotropin depended on initial motivation of the animals. In hungry rabbits, beta-lipotropin primarily inhibited(More)
Liposomes connected with influenza viral glycoproteins increase by 1-2 orders the specific infectiousness of DNA from SV-40 or monkey adenovirus SA7 as compared with the one registered when the standard method of calcium precipitation is used.
Formation of hemagglutinin spikes in the course of the mixed infection of cell culture by two influenza virus strains belonging to the same antigenic subtype or to different subtypes was studied by means of immunoprecipitation of [14C]-labelled hemagglutinins from cell lysates. The immunoprecipitates were further analysed by polyacrylamide gel(More)
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