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Standard models of experimental ulceration (of neurogenic origin, H. Shay ulcer, indomethacine-, ethanol-, prednisolone-, histamine- and acetate-induced ulcers) were used to demonstrate protective effect of non-starch polysaccharides (potassium alginate, potassium pectate, low-esterified pectin). Potassium pectate proved to be the most efficacious(More)
Both chronic (prophylactic) and single administration of standardized calcium pectate considerably increased the resistance of rat stomach mucous membrane with respect to ulcerogenic factors of various etiology, including immobilized stress, indomethacin, ethanol, prednizolone, and histamine, according to H. Shay's model. The gastroprotective effect of this(More)
In the holothurian gonad structure of the peptidergic and monoaminergic systems has been described. Axons of their cells form tissue and hemal terminals. Epithelial cells and smooth myocytes of the gonadal wall get direct innervation, having contacts with the axonal terminals that are separated by the cleft 50-75 nm in the diameter. It is possible that(More)
Antiinflammatory (antiexudative, antiproliferative) activity of calcium pectate was revealed by tests on the mice leg carrageenan-induced edema and cotton-ball granuloma models. It was also established that this polysaccharide produced an anesthetic effect comparable with that of indomethacin on the model of acetate-induced convulsions in mice.
The efficiency of some polysaccharides was investigated in mice with an experimental toxic hepatitis. Hepatitis was induced by the oral administration of 10% solution CCl4 in olive oil at a dosage of 3 ml/kg body weight every day during 7 days. After that tested substances were administrated every day 30-40 min before a feeding at a dosage of 150 mg/kg body(More)
A sensitive a simple method is proposed for assessing the complement activation degree by the monospecific classical route. The alternative pathway of the complement activation proposed by Adachi et al. in 1990 is taken account of. The specific features of the proposed method are 1) use of commercial dry complement of guinea pigs with the regulatory protein(More)
Calcium pectate has been found to exhibit an antiulcer activity in rats with model of chronic ulcers. Course treatment of the experimental animals with calcium pectate (i) accelerated the repair of experimental damage due to better integrity and higher secretory activity of epithelium and (ii) decreased hemodynamic disorders in surrounding mucous and(More)
The influence of the pectin biologically active supplements (BAS) on some clinical and laboratory parameters was studied in 66 patients with chronic renal failure. The results of the investigations have evidenced that the studied BAS promotes a regress of clinical signs and elimination of uremic toxicants.
Seasonal variation of the aphrodiatical activity of pantocrin (deer antler extract), ginseng root tincture, and eleuterococcus extract was studied. It was found that a one-month treatment with these adaptogen preparations in a daily dose of 100 mg/kg (for dry parent substance) stimulate the sexual behavior of puberal mice and rat males in winter. The(More)
The pharmacological properties of plant polysaccharides are reviewed and original experimental data on the properties of water-soluble polysaccharides isolated from Acorus calamus L. are presented. The possibility of using plant (in particular, Acorus calamus) polysaccharides to increase the effectiveness of anticancer treatment of transferred tumors and to(More)
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