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90 patients with alcoholism stage II suffering from secondary affective disorders (anxiety, depression) were divided into 4 groups: treated with GABA-B-receptor ligand baclofen (group 1), with sibazon (group 2), amitriptylin (group 3), placebo (group 4). As shown by clinical, experimental psychological and electrophysiological examinations, baclofen is not(More)
Principal possibilities and limits of using the pharmacological approach for control of memory in studies of neurophysiological and neurochemical mechanisms of learning and memory in humans and animals are reviewed as well as its place in experimental and clinical therapy of memory disorders. Using an unspecific connector aethimizol as a pharmacological(More)
90 alcoholic patients (II stage of alcoholism) with secondary affective disorders (anxiety, depression) were divided into 4 groups. The patients of the first group received the GABA receptor ligand baclofen during 3 weeks. Sybazon preparation was used in the second group, while the patients of the third group were treated with amitriptyline. Placebo was(More)
The authors review different mechanisms of mnemotropic and cerebroprotective effects of nootropic drugs. The data concerning the molecular mechanisms of action of the structural analogs of the memory stimulant ethylnorantifeine (etimizol) have been summarized and analyzed. It is shown that the effects of antifeines on the retention of the conditioned(More)
RNA-synthesizing activity of neuronal nuclei in the neocortex of rats increases after the termination of conditioning depending on the degree of learning. RNA synthesis shifts induced by propylnorantifein and the demethylated derivatives of ethylnorantifein are correlated only with the influence of the drugs on the retention but not the learning.(More)
It has been demonstrated by a double blind placebo-controlled study that transcranial electric treatment (TET) by means of combination of direct current and pulse current and pulse current at a frequency of 70-80 Hz is an effective method of correcting affective disorders (anxiety, depressions) in patients suffering from alcoholism. The therapeutic effects(More)
In chronic experiments on rabbits, in initial period of single action of ethanol, reduction was observed of the dominating frequency of the theta-rhythm and synchroneity of summated bioelectrical activity of homotopic zones and suppression of EEG manifestation but preservation of parameters of the interhemispheric zeta-wave and of temperature asymmetry in(More)
The authors have demonstrated the effect of ethimizol on the processes of training and consolidation, the duration of memory traces, and process of reproduction in adult and old mice and rats. It has been found that ethimizol in doses of 1.5-5 mg/kg facilitates the formation of passive avoidance behavior in old animals difficult to be trained and raises the(More)