Iu R Sheĭkh-zade

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In children of 6-7 years old with infantile cerebral paralysis the heart muscle mobilization is observed that displays in heart rate acceleration, decrease of its variability and some diminuation of adaptive reserves of cardiovascular system. As a result of such adaptation strain the adequate maintenance of the principal hemodynamic parameter (average(More)
In cats, magnesium, potassium and finoptin diminished the vagal chronotropic effect whereas calcium potentiated it. In potassium chloride administration, the vagotropic action was due to a selective diminishing of the tonic component.
Sympathetic nerves were shown to perform potentiation or inhibition of synchronizing or tonic components of vagal chronotropic effect. The potentiation of the synchronizing component seems to be exerted through the ansa subclavia whereas the other effects--through the caudal cardiac nerve.
It is postulated that heterometric autoregulation of cardiac contractility mostly presents a combination of Starling's mechanism, including venous preload-length and length-shortening relations, and Anrep's phenomenon, comprising aortal postload-length and length-tension relations. It is propounded that Anrep's mechanism modulates the efficacy of Starling's(More)
In acute experiments, synchronization of cardiac and vagal rhythms was achieved during burst stimulation of a vagus nerve. The study of atrial excitability in the synchronization revealed changes of diastolic threshold, effective and total refractory periods, the changes being unrelated to the synchronization phenomenon and due to variation of the heart(More)
In 154 girls and 58 young men aged 17-21 years, a new body mass index (BMI2 = M/H3), body form index (BFI=S/M2/3), body build index IBBI = (M/H3)1/2], and body fatness index (BFI = M/HC2) were determined; in which C, H, M, S correspond to the wrist circumference, body height, body mass and body area. It was shown that all the indices mentioned demonstrated(More)