Iu Pavlasek

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The aim of this work was to obtain further information about some mechanisms of participation of the reticular formation and its descending reticulo-spinal systems in the regulation of the motor functions of the spinal cord. Following questions were studied: membrane characteristics of the reticulospinal neurons with slow and rapid axonal conduction and(More)
In chloralose-anesthetized cats a long lasting depression of spino-bulbo-spinal (SBS) reflex discharges following microinjections of noradrenaline and its agonist (isoproterenol) in the medial bulbar reticular formation was revealed. Microinjections of phentolamine (alpha-adrenoceptor antagonist) were followed by prominent enhancement of SBS-reflexes.(More)
Influences of locus coeruleus rhythmical stimulation on the postsynaptic reactions of spinal motoneurons were studied in chloralose anesthetized cats. IPSPs evoked by flexor reflex afferent (FRA) stimulation were inhibited, but EPSPs evoked by FRA and PSPs evoked by low-threshold muscle afferents stimulation were unchanged under these conditions. The(More)
Synaptic processes evoked in various functional groups of thoracic interneurons (Th10,11) by stimulation of ipsi- and contralateral bulbar reticular formation were studied in anesthetized cats with lesions of the spinal cord that remained intact only the ipsilateral funiculus. Activation of reticulospinal fibres of the lateral funiculus with conduction(More)
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