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AIM To assess efficacy of reamberin in preoperative preparation and after coronary bypass (CB) in patients with macrofocal myocardial infarction (MI) complicated with postinfarction angina. MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 45 patients with Q-positive MI complicated with postinfarction angina pectoris entered the trial. The study group consisted of 20(More)
A study was made of the effects of trypsin (0.25%) EDTA (0.02%), DMSO (10%) and suboptimal temperatures (16-18 degrees C) on the line L cells of monolayer and suspension cultures by the method of counter-current distribution in two-phase polymer system Dextran-500/poly (ethylene) glycol-6000. It has been shown that these agents cause the increase in number(More)
Distribution of cells (L929, LS, LSM) in the two-phase polymer system was studied in addition to characterization of their karyotypes. In the course of LSM cell passages, the increased ratio of cells with a reduced number of chromosomes was found. The results obtained show that in the process of adaptation of the suspension cell culture to the growth as(More)
Limited knowledge about behaviour of stem cells in culture seems to be one of the reasons for problems in their successful introduction to applied medicine. To address this issue we have studied in vitro interaction of human mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) with various substrates (plastic, type I collagen, fibronectin, and mixtures of these proteins at(More)
The distribution of two sulines of L cells, differing in adhesive properties (monolayer and suspension cultures), have been investigated using polymer two-phase system dextran-500-polyenthylenglycol-600. By counter-current distribution it has been shown that most of the cells growing in monolayer have low coefficients of partition, unlike cells grown in(More)
The processes of nodulation and callusing were studied for pea Pisum sativum in a comparative aspect. Seven varieties of pea plants were used. The nodulation was characterized by the number of nodules and their mass per one plant. The frequency ratio of nodules of various weights was described by the Lorentz equation. The growth of callus was described(More)
Using time-lapse microscopy, the changes in L-929 cells shape were analyzed during a cell cycle. During this time the cells were established to pass through three spreading stages. The highest rate of the cell spreading was observed during the first 1.5 h of mitosis. In this period, the cell area increases approximately 3-3.5 times following sigmoid(More)
A modified method of investigation of surface properties of cells and proteins with the help of a two-phase polymer system dextran-500/polyethylenglycol-6000 was used. This method is based on changing the kinetics of two-phase system partitioning into phase on adding cells or macromolecules. These changes were registered by measuring the top phase optical(More)
New analytical possibilities of biological macromolecule partition in a two-phase polymer system (dextran-500/polyethyleneglycol-6000) were investigated. The technical principles were based on the fact that optical density of the system changes during phase formation. Various actin forms were investigated. Unlike G-actin, F-actin increases the speed of(More)