Iu P Petrov

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Limited knowledge about behaviour of stem cells in culture seems to be one of the reasons for problems in their successful introduction to applied medicine. To address this issue we have studied in vitro interaction of human mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) with various substrates (plastic, type I collagen, fibronectin, and mixtures of these proteins at(More)
The concept that stem cells form an independent subpopulations of somatic cells assumes the heterogeneity of cellular populations in adult tissues. As skin keratinocytes have natural affinity to extracellular matrix proteins, we made an attempt to reveal subpopulations of these cells depending on the time of their adhesion to substrates of collagen I and IV(More)
Using time-lapse microscopy, the changes in L-929 cells shape were analyzed during a cell cycle. During this time the cells were established to pass through three spreading stages. The highest rate of the cell spreading was observed during the first 1.5 h of mitosis. In this period, the cell area increases approximately 3-3.5 times following sigmoid(More)
A modified method of investigation of surface properties of cells and proteins with the help of a two-phase polymer system dextran-500/polyethylenglycol-6000 was used. This method is based on changing the kinetics of two-phase system partitioning into phase on adding cells or macromolecules. These changes were registered by measuring the top phase optical(More)
Using time-lapse microscopy, spreading of the post-mitotic daughter cells has been studied. The work was performed on non-synchronized cells of established L-929 cell line. The study was aimed to characterize the morphology of the cells as they move along the substrate and to determine whether the area of the migrating cells changes nonrandom. Two new(More)
A study was made of the effect of cytochalazin B and cocemid on the line L cells of monolayer and suspension culture studied by the method of counter-current distribution in two-phase polymer system dextran-500 - polyethylenglycol-6000. It has been shown that cytochalazin B caused a decrease in the partition coefficient of both the subline cells(More)
AIM To assess efficacy of reamberin in preoperative preparation and after coronary bypass (CB) in patients with macrofocal myocardial infarction (MI) complicated with postinfarction angina. MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 45 patients with Q-positive MI complicated with postinfarction angina pectoris entered the trial. The study group consisted of 20(More)