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To understand why the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) has different potentials for neural differentiation in lower and higher vertebrates, the RPEs of adult newts and rats were compared under similar in vitro cultivation conditions. The RPEs of both animal species were organotypically cultivated within the posterior eye wall under constant rotation in the(More)
Adult rat and newt retinas were studied during long organotypic 3D cultivation. A high proliferation level was discovered in the region of growth by applying DNA synthesis markers and in vitro mitosis registration in newt retina. Aggregates were formed in the retina spheroid cavity because dedifferentiated cells migrated into this region. Small cell(More)
This work continues the studies of the proliferative ability of cells in the adult newt retina. The model of experimental detachment of the retina from pigment epithelium and two techniques to saturate the ocular tissues in vivo with precursors of DNA synthesis were used: (1) the method of repeated [3H]-thymidine labeling and subsequent autoradiographic(More)
Analysis of clinical manifestations of a total enteroviral infection with ECHO-11 virus-induced uveitis in 58 infants aged 2 weeks to 1.5 years has shown that uveitis develops on days 1-10 of the disease and is associated with a weak injection, endothelial edema, hyperemia and edema of the iris rapidly eventuating in destruction of the pigment lamina and(More)
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