Iu P Nikitin

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Today one of the leading theories in the concept of atherogenesis underlines the key role of oxidized low-density lipoproteins (LDL). This paper describes new original and easy-to-use biochemical methods for evaluating the oxidative-antioxidative potential (LDL resistance to oxidation in vitro and the LDL level of alpha-tocopherol and retinol), as well as(More)
Based on WHO MONICA methods and diagnostic criteria, it is shown that first-ever stroke incidence and mortality in Siberia (a total number of residents included in the analysis varied from 450,000 to about 800,000) that are among the highest in the world. In Novosibirsk, for the period from 1982 through 1991 there was a trend towards decreasing stroke(More)
Skin free and esterified cholesterol in the forearm and serum lipid levels were examined in 42 male coronary patients and 46 normal male subjects. Irrespective of the type of dislipoproteinemia or normolipidemia, total cholesterol and its free fraction appear to be significantly increased in coronary patients, as compared to normal subjects. There were no(More)
The basic demographic indices of the aging and longevity of population in Yakutia have been analyzed. The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is one of the biggest regions of Russia, which occupies 18% of the territory. Aging of population is shown as one of the main tendencies in the modern demographic development in the Republic and reflection of the world process.(More)
PURPOSE To investigate association between gamma-glytamiltransferase levels and the development of CVD. The data were taken from materials of the epidemiological study " Determinants of cardiovascular disease in Eastern Europe " , the HAPPIE project. We investigated representative samples from non-organized population of men and women 45 - 69 years old(More)
The spectrum of mutations in the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor gene was studied in a sample of hypercholesterolemia patients of Caucasoid origin from the population of Russia. The examined patients were 45 to 49-years-old and had the highest level of total serum cholesterol in this age group. Seven previously non-described mutations have been(More)
The highest oxidative modification of fibrinogen was found in acute myocardial infarction (MI) men and it was 1.26 and 1.56 times higher in comparison with coronary heart disease (CHD) men with anamnesis of MI and with men without CHD, respectively. Increased oxidized fibrinogen level correlated with increased levels of plasma lipid peroxidation products,(More)
AIM To compare efficacy and tolerance of polycosanol vs besafibrate in patients with hypercholesterolemia (HCE). MATERIAL AND METHODS A multicenter controlled double blind randomised trial entered 113 patients with HCE. After 5 weeks of diet the patients were randomised into two groups. 59 patients of group 1 received polycosanol (10 mg/day), 54 patients(More)
Investigations of the dielectric properties of sugar solutions, as well as blood imitators and blood, in the millimeter-wave range allow one to obtain valuable information on the possibility of real-time control of glucose concentration in blood using electromagnetic waves in the millimeter-wave ranges. These investigations are also of interest for other(More)
In Siberia and in the Far East region overall incidence of diabetes mellitus is somewhat lower than in the European part of the country, though these indices reduplicate on average in 10-15 years. The prevalence of both diabetes (both types) and metabolic syndrome among indigenous mongoloid population is lower than among Caucasian.