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[The instrumental extirpation of the esophagus via an abdominocervical approach].
The authors operated on 6 patients with cancer of the lower thoracic esophagus and cardioesophageal carcinoma, Stage III. All the patients underwent esophageal extirpation from the abdominocervicalExpand
[Radionuclide study of blood flow in tumor and normal tissues of rats in induced hyperglycemia].
Radionuclide angiography was performed in rats with transplantable tumors (sarcoma 45 and Walker carcinosarcoma 256). Induced hyperglycemia was shown to result in blood flow inhibition in tumor andExpand
[Changes in the dehydrogenase activity of cardiomyocytes during acute experimental arterial occlusion of extremities].
The results of quantitative histoenzymologic investigations of succinate dehydrogenase, lactate dehydrogenase and NAD-diaphorase in cardiomyocytes of dogs with acute experimental arterial occlusionExpand
[Effects of induced hyperglycemia on the activity of pancreatic and gastrointestinal secretion of hormones in oncologic patients].
Artificial hyperglycemia (AHG) used in the cancer treatment considerably increases the insulin and S-peptide content in blood, decreases the glucagon concentration and tissue glucose tolerance. TheExpand
[Induced hyperglycemia as a factor of modification of sarcoma 45 sensitivity to chemotherapy].
The injection of sarcolysine, methotrexate, thiophosphamide, cyclophosphamide, adryamycin and platidinum during glucose infusion is shown to increase their antitumour activity. The antitumourExpand
[Effect of artificial hyperglycemia and resection of the primary site on metastases of RL-67 carcinoma].
In the experiments on the C57Bl mice the authors studied the effect of artificial hyperglycemia (AH), amputation of the extremities with tumors as well as combinations of these effects on theExpand
[Effect of induced hyperglycemia on the metastasis of RL-67 lung carcinoma].
The effect of multiple artificial hyperglycemia treatments on metastatic spreading and tumour growth depending on the stage of the tumour development is studied in experiments on mice withExpand