Iu P Blagoĭ

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The interaction between the native DNA macromolecules and Ca2+, Mn2+, Cu2+ ions in solutions of low ionic strength (10(-3) M Na+) is studied using the methods of differential UV spectroscopy and CD spectroscopy. It is shown that the transition metal ions Mn2+ exercise binding to the nitrogen bases of DNA at concentrations approximately 5 x 10(-6) M and form(More)
DNA complexed with Mn2+ ions in films is studied at different relative humidities and ion contents ([Mn2+]/[P] = 0.4-1) by IR spectroscopy. It is shown that substantially more sorbed water molecules are necessary for the transition of DNA complexed with Mn2+ ions into the double helical conformation (preferentially B-form) that for macromolecules in the(More)
DNA with Cu2+ ions in solution and films is studied by IR and Raman spectroscopy at different relative humidities (R.H. = 51 divided by 98%). DNA complexed with Cu2+ ions is shown to transit to the double-helix conformation, passing A-form, the water content per nucleotide (n) being essentially larger: 12 for Cu2+/P = 0.4 (n = 8 for DNA without ions). Cu2+(More)
The interaction of Ag+ ions with ribonucleotides of canonical bases in aqueous solution was studied by differential UV spectroscopy. Atoms coordinating silver ions (N7, O6 of guanosine 5'-monophosphate, N3, O2 of cytidine 5'-monophosphate, N7, N1, N3 of adenosine 5'-monophosphate and N3 of uridine 5'-monophosphate) and the binding constants characterizing(More)
The light scattering method for investigation of structural and aggregate stability is proposed, based on the comparison between angle and time dependence of total intensity of scattering light and its depolarized component. The structural evolution of liposome is observed by the anisotropic light scattering method. It is shown that the sols aggregate(More)
The spectral characteristics of interacting pyrimidine bases of nucleic acids--cytosine, 1-methylcytosine, uracil in autoassociates and hydrates--are investigated using the high-resolution infrared spectroscopy in argon matrices. Shifts of vibration frequencies in simple complexes are stated to be from 10 to 30 cm-1 in the 4000-400 cm-1 region observed. The(More)
The properties of animal DNAs exposed to prolonged irradiation in the Chernobyl zone, have been studied by the methods of viscometry, thermal denaturation, IR-spectroscopy, and electrophoresis. High content of low-molecular fractions have been observed in the preparations of DNA from liver and spleen, their quantities increasing with age and generation of(More)
Differential UV spectra of DNA and its monomers that were induced by Ag+ ions were measured, and the effect of ions on the parameters of the helix-coil transition was studied. The data obtained confirm the existence of "strong" and "weak" modes of binding of Ag+ to DNA. The earlier proposed proton transfer from N1G to N3C, which is determined by the(More)